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Having always lived with the dream of providing a lovable home to every paw, the journey started in 1999 when the first dog “Sheeba” came into our life. Sheeba was not just a dog, she was my daughter. Living with sheeba made me realize that blessed are the dogs who get a home but what about the others? Some fall in to the wrong hands where they are exploited for breeding purposes and then thrown away when the grow old,while a few fall under the category of “Desi’s” who often are neglected as they won’t add value to a persons social status. After imagining and understanding the life of a abandoned/manhandled paw, I immediately knew what my purpose of life was. The khakhi, the laurels, the medals were all what I had lived for but the mission of providing every paw a home outweighed all the glories and I knew for whom I have to earn and live for.


Having done 30 years of selfless & passionate dog service, the paw count at my home had risen to 107. I had a huge family to live with. Since everything was being done on my own as I silently operated my dream project, I never accepted any donations (cash/kind) and wanted to sustain with my kids on my own. I soon realized that, this is a god gifted mission and it is not possible to manage everything alone. Being a tough call for me, with support from the dog family, I’ve opened my arms and laid the path for Pawsters Foundation, that would relentlessly work towards the welfare of our furry friends and would ensure that no paw stays hungry and every paw has a home and a family to live with.

I am sure that more and more people will step forward and help me in my cause so that we as a team can work towards the betterment of the paws in any which way possible. Our dream should be to make Pawsters spread its wings so wide that all the paws get the love and life they DESERVE.


I can’t remember why was I afraid of our first dog, maybe I was terrified with how big was, or maybe I could never understand why she was always coming near and sitting close to me. But once we both started understanding each other, to date, the bond with dogs has just gotten stronger. Eventually, spending time with them and caring for dogs became an everyday habit. My mother, after serving the country for 2 decades, had a new ambition, which was to build a home, where all animals, large or small, affected or neglected by humans could be given shelter. I made it my ambition as well and started the journey to build a loving home for the kids. From the grass root level, we started educating people to spread awareness to avoid human/animal conflict, rescued several dogs, cats, birds who were abandoned or were victims of animal cruelty and finally sterilized them to contribute and create an impact on the society. It’s amazing to see how we’ve grown today to house and feed 160+ dogs and a couple of cats. It’s a journey without a timeline, it is all about getting back unconditional love from the voiceless.


I’ve been with dogs since my childhood. My daily routine used to be coming back from school and laying down on the floor to play with Sheeba. Sheeba has always been one amongst us. Nothing is better than having a dog at home, unlimited fun and a permanent best friend. All of us developed a natural affinity towards dogs and we wished to house every one of them at home. While mom dreamt of providing a better life to all the dogs, me and my elder brother by choice and not force made mom’s dream our dream. Since then we have worked hard above and beyond our capacity to rescue the souls in need and help them live a good life. Working with dogs on ground zero made me realize that their sufferings are much beyond what the naked eye can see. The saddest part is that people abandon pedigreed dogs for lame reasons and contribute in increasing the homeless population of paws.